Teeth Whitening Around The World

We took a Deep Dive into the Methods and Cost of Teeth Whitening in different countries.

In other articles, we have discussed the history of teeth whitening. We have long been discussing different cultures attempts to present the whitest smile possible.

We learned why humans feel this need to whiten their teeth and the methods they use to remove stains and brighten their smiles.  Have you ever wondered “how much  does it cost to get your teeth whitened ?”

Whether they use a DIY combination or purchase a home teeth whitening kit, we are going to explore how people in different parts of the world make their smiles brighter…

South America

Many Dental procedures are cheaper in Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, and Brazil, and teeth whitening is one of them.  Most people opt for home remedies that do not work and can damage teeth. Abrasive or acidic methods that can do more damage than whitening.  The poorer citizens cannot afford normal dental office whitening methods. Other procedures saw the same difference in price.

North America

In The USA and Canada choices are the same but pricing is vastly different.  In Canada, the cost of laser teeth whitening is in the $400 dollar range about half of the cost in the US.  Mexico is cheaper still at about $150 on average. Methods are almost identical, with everyone using the same formula to achieve results.  Still, larger sections of the population opt for home teeth whitening kits that are less expensive, and more affordable. Lastly, the do it yourself crowd who spend less short term but have more damage overall.

Eastern Europe

Romania, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary,  all fall within the $150-$400 range. Dental tourism is very popular in these countries from the UK and the USA. People that are already planning a trip to this area will find the savings very attractive.

Western Europe

France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium,  This area of the planet mirrors North America (250 – 1000 ) just about as much as you would expect it to. The influence of the U.S. is unmistakable. Prices are very similar to the U.S. if not a bit lower, and the percentages of Home Kit users and DIYers are almost identical.


Japan, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, etc. (There are 48 countries in Asia for the sake of simplicity we will go with these.) Japan is most  expensive on the list, (probably because the government picks up 70% of dental charges.)


Probably the most expensive place on this list is in Africa. Kenya is incredibly expensive for any type of dental procedure as the supply of dental professionals is severely lacking. This goes for the other countries in Africa as well, with the exception of South Africa. South African dental health professionals are a bit more plentiful.  

As you can see, our desire for healthy white teeth is deeply ingrained in our being human. We use white teeth as both an ornament, and as an indication of suitability.  It is certainly not the only indicator but the importance can hardly be overstated.